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I mean guys like watching porn to see the penetration and the girls expression and wish it was them, they dont even think about the guy. Like if a guy at work told another, 'What time do they close? btw i think FLIRT is the absolute wrong word to use in this situation!! There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than the most beautiful, most prettiest, most attractive woman on the planet. I had a job before where the co workers definitely joke around like that. Are you stupid If a man is straight he has no reason to be flirting with other men! LOL Not a big fan of ‘being hit on’ by gays, but when a guy let’s me know the option is there, just fine by me. the truth is that there is NO way to “convert” a straight guy.i know i only see what i want to see even when a girl is getting gang bang by a few guys. My straight friends say im gay but i dont think i am gay cos i dont get turned on by them. I just want to watch cocks and straight dudes naked Where can i show my penis on the internet? But if they constantly joke around too much, that means, they are up to something and are ready to lure the man into a first timer bi experience. I have attracted about 4 straight men towards me and im exactly the same.. Why some presumably straight guys like to flirt a lot.its been proven that its almost impossible to turn a gay man straight and doing so will cause physiological harm but straight people turn gay all the time lol its kinda like and "straight" guys who have sex with gay ones are like gay duh Straight but attracted to gay friend?I have a girlfriend, but lately things between us have gotten..monotonous.I don't believe you have to be gay to enjoy gay porn, but I do believe you're homosexual if you like doing it yourself. Watching straight dudes naked is gay porn too (either gay porn or some other type of porn) is one thing. They have more naked man than I can handle (im old) so I love Watch and stay member since 2006. Do you flirt with other men at work or wherever just to play around? I've heard some people say that (straight) guys 'don't' do that. They will say yeah there's things you two don't know about us. I don't think ALL guys do it, but I think the ones that are comfortable in their sexuality have no trouble putting up with it.So I think people who like gay porn are not necessarily homosexual, but since they consider themselves straight. I just saw that Watch Dudes is for the men who like showing their dicks off. Men, if you do flirt with other men just to play around, then 'what' do you say when you talk to other guys like that? Just wanted to know if this 'is' typical guy behavior when women 'aren't' around because I've never really experienced guys talking that way to each other before! If they 'joke' around, then could it be 'sexual' joking?? ' Or, what if an employee called his boss at home and said,'what are you doing? It's when the touching starts that you should be worried. I have always adored a woman in general to the deep core, all my life. Men who flirt with other men are not 100% straight? lol, yeah most rpobably, but know a dude at the gym that would beat all of us.

A friend and I have had a long standing discussion about this.Ever since my gay friend hinted that he found me attractive I've been thinking about him a lot.I've become obsessed, every time I see him hes so obviously up for it and its getting harder to ignore the feeling that I'd be up for it too.You're so lucky it is your friend and not just some person you know and you're also very lucky he is attracted to you too! Your not straight if you are attracted to him dude. btw I just uploaded my ex-boyfriend's pictures hehe yeahhhyou are bisexual and it is as simple as that. Ever been attracted to another guy before, like men-crush? When you want to dump her, be at least discreet about your little adventure, not that it is bad, but being dumped because it doesn't work out anymore is something else than being dumped because there is a guy and you want to experiment. If this feeling were fleeting, then you had given it a thought or two, but eventually this isn't the case. There is no problem with experimenting in order to find out who you are and what you want. And be ready to watch your girlfriend tits and your girlfriend's friends totally naked or even masturbating or fucking??That relationship could be perfect, don't let it get away just because of a girl being in the way, I think you should go with the boy, please go for the boy! You need to google "gay self-loathing" and read up I think a few lightbulbs will go on for you. Or are you in for the thrill-kill to find out, if it is more than just a fleeting attraction, since you have the chance to give it a go? Turn on your camera and put in record mode BEFORE you leave it there.

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