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The next figure whows the the equivalent electronic circuit schema.

For very bright guitars (either pickups, neck or body) we sometimes use a 0,1u F tone cap.Please note that the effect of this mod is only present at reduced volume levels.At full volume there is no effect of the treble bleed cap resistor (same with 50s wiring). A positive thing with the treble bleeder kit is that the behaviour of the volume knob is not changed very much. The treble bleeder kit consists of a cap and resistor wired in parallel over the volume pot – from the top leg of the volume pot to the middle leg and hot tip output.Treble bleeder kit You may have noticed that the tone gets a little darker when you back down the volume on your guitar, especially for stratocasters and telecasters.This is an effect of the original circuitry from Leo Fender. Those who like it tend to appreciate a mellow rythm playing tone when backing down the volume.

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