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I’m old enough to know the character traits I value most in a man, the habits I deplore and the opening gambits that would make me squirm.These days internet dating is almost de rigeur, but how anyone can chose a partner on the basis of a box-ticking algorithm beats me.To this day I still don’t really know why he left because I’d assumed he shared my happiness.Wise friends have since remarked that it’s easier to leave a marriage when you’ve been divorced before, and as I was Jonathan’s third wife I can only assume that he did not feel he was making an irrevocable vow when, in 2007, he promised to stay with me until death parted us.

I thought he was my rock, but I discovered, although he wasn’t unfaithful, Jonathan was guilty of deceiving me. So more and more older singletons are dating again.

Life has an unerring capacity to surprise us and the end of my marriage was one of those unforeseeable shocks.

After eight blissful years it seemed — to me at least — that our relationship was unassailable.

When you are picking yourself up from heartache or nervous about dating after years spent in coupledom, just getting back out there helps, and who knows, love may bloom where you least expect it.

You certainly have a better chance if you can sit across a table from someone and chat. At our age, we haven’t got time to waste, so don’t linger if you know the signs are unfavourable. ‘Lovely to meet you, but I don’t think it will work out,’ is far kinder in the long run than fudging the issue.

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Now, however, after two years alone, I feel I’m ready to dip my toe into the dating pool again.

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