Dynamically updating copyright dates

But there are cases in which we need to broadcast existing reports which has Manual Input variable for these objects and we face with the following issue when creating a broadcast Settings.

Even though we select the values for the variables in the selection screen in the broadcaster, or it is being populated with a customer exit the values are hardcoded in this table and when the broadcast is being done by the pre calculation server it picks the variable value from this table and not via the i_step = 1 variable exit. Hence the only possible option to update this variable values if the settings has to be broadcasted on periodic basis is to manually update the value in the tables.

You need to update your base price, adjust for cost of goods sold, shipping costs, payment terms, delivery dates and a host of other customer, product or geographic specifics — all of which are constantly changing.

Once the sale is made, there are invoicing, inventory control, order fulfillment, risk management and payment processing issues.

Now multiply the process by a hundred, a thousand or tens of thousands of quotes and sales each day.

Standard Reports include Revenues, Expenses, Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Fund Balances, Income Statements plus many others.

All can be set up and tailored by the user using the powerful report generator supplied with the system. Quickly prepare financial plans using mass change facilities.

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