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“We’re enjoying this time in our life and getting to date each other.” “We’re trying to figure out where it’s going to be first,” Rodgers said in a previous interview.“We have family in California, family in Dallas…” Fletcher added: “We’re just enjoying being together right now.” In a Dec.The two moved into a house together, which — though it took them a bit of time to fully furnish — has now been transformed into a comfortable, retro-chic space for the couple.“When we were apart, I remember thinking: ‘This would be so much better if we were together,’ ” Fletcher told PEOPLE.Rodgers and Fletcher are ready to just be a normal couple, cute bickering included.“I’m ready for a sense of normalcy,” Rodgers told PEOPLE.

On their drive down to Dallas to move into their new home, Rodgers documented Jojo’s impressively long nap on his Snapchat. “My bags are packed, we have a house in Dallas, we’re moving right after this,” he added. Here’s what we know about their life since the show. Rodgers moved to Dallas, where they live together and are “happier than ever.” “I’ll be in Dallas closer to her family, so we’re ready for that,” Rodgers told Harrison on . ’ ” While their off-camera life may not involve impromptu trips to Thailand or Chris Harrison’s watchful eye, their romance is stronger than ever.In lieu of nailing down wedding specifics, Fletcher and Rodgers are focusing on building their lives together.

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