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I'm like ok we will fuck in here and you and Tim can fuck in the living room lol.I do fuck Lindsy for a while, but Sara doesn't give it up to the other guy, and since she has been drinking she starts with the drama shit for a while..actually all the girls do cause there drunk as skunks.When Sara opened the door though she had another guy.big deal because I knew I was gonna get one of the girls if not both only maybe would all watch and switch ect.guy on guy though the girls were into each other.

I taker her pants off and tell the lezzy if she wants to eat her pussy I won't tell, but she has to suck me first. She was eating out Lindsy who was with it enough to put her hand on the lezzy head forcing her to keep licking her, and I got behind the so called lezzy..

So I get there and they are drunk for sure, but there is this old lesbian there to, so we are all drinking talking and Sara said she neeed to go get some more beer.

I was waiting for her to ask me to go with her, but she didn't her mistake ll sorta.

To fast forward here a bit after Lindsy passed out in her room and me & tim broke up a fight between sara and the lezzy a few times. Thats when I went back up stairs to check on the lezzy lol.

She wasn't attractive, but it was all about the situation that turns me on, so I talked the lezzy into going with me to check on Lindsy.

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