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Because they lacked a national dynasty, patron saints, and a native aristocracy or bourgeoisie, their national hero became the 18th-century outlaw Jánošík, sometimes called the Slovak Robin Hood.Only in 1918, when World War I ended with Austria-Hungary on the losing side, did Slovakia materialize as a geopolitical unit—but within the new country of Czechoslovakia.The Public Transport System (Mestská Hromadná Doprava – MHD) in Bratislava consists of buses (“autobus”), trolleybuses (“trolejbus” – looks like a bus, but takes electric power from overhead power lines) and trams (“električka”).There is no subway (“metro”), although it has been a subject of municipal discussions for over 20 years.People living, working and studying in Bratislava prefer to buy special tickets for one month, three months or even one year. It is roughly coextensive with the historic region of Slovakia, the easternmost of the two territories that from 1918 to 1992 constituted Czechoslovakia.The controller gives a small magnetic stick to the driver, who inserts it into the on-board computer.In this case, about 15 seconds after the doors are closed, the marking devices stop operating and no one is able to mark their ticket.

Mountain lakes and mineral and thermal springs are numerous.

The short history of independent Slovakia is one of a desire to move from mere autonomy within the Czechoslovak federation to sovereignty—a history of resistance to being called “the nation after the hyphen.” Although World War II thwarted the Slovaks’ first vote for independence in 1939, sovereignty was finally realized on January 1, 1993, slightly more than three years after the Velvet Revolution—the collapse of the communist regime that had controlled Czechoslovakia since 1948.

Of course, the history of the Slovak nation began long before the creation of Czechoslovakia and even before the emergence of Slovak as a distinct literary language in the 19th century.

The upper reaches of the southern river valleys are covered with brown forest soils, while podzols dominate the central and northern areas of middle elevation. Slovakia’s easterly position gives it a more continental climate than that of the Czech Republic.

Its mountainous terrain is another determining factor.

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