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According to Sapen, if you are a woman who is looking for a mate online, you can “assume Mr.

So, what is he going to tell you about his status, his success, or his financial security that will get you into the same room with him? I like to travel and at least take one big trip a year. When I do go out on dates, they are with very attractive females so after a few minutes you better win me over with your personality or else I move on.

I have a nice job downtown around the financial district.

Please at least be able to pay for half on the date.

Please have a picture when you email, if you don't i'll just assume you are fat or very ugly or both and I don't have time for that.

You might be very nice and have a great personality but there are fit girls who have that too so why would I settle for less?

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A former client of Ikka's had a profile that fit this description when she started working with him, she shares.

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