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On February 15, a follow-up meeting was held in New Orleans.Out of these two meetings came a new organization with King as its president.On January 10, 1957, following the Montgomery Bus Boycott victory and consultations with Bayard Rustin, Ella Baker, and others, Martin Luther King Jr.invited about 60 black ministers and leaders to Ebenezer Church in Atlanta. Steele declined, but told Rustin he would be glad to work right beside him if he sought King in Montgomery, for the role.

Under the auspices of the Highlander Folk School (now Highlander Research and Education Center) the program was expanded across the South.The campaign focused on a single goal—the desegregation of Birmingham's downtown merchants—rather than total desegregation, as in Albany.The brutal response of local police, led by Public Safety Commissioner "Bull" Connor, stood in stark contrast to the nonviolent civil disobedience of the activists.SCLC's advocacy of boycotts and other forms of nonviolent protest was controversial among both whites and blacks.Many black community leaders believed that segregation should be challenged in the courts and that direct action excited white resistance, hostility, and violence.

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SCLC's belief that churches should be involved in political activism against social ills was also deeply controversial.

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