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” Shortly after Bumble’s staff got the harassing messages, members of similar hate groups got offline and descended on Charlottesville to protest plans to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. In an email to users a few days later, Bumble announced that it was working with the Anti-Defamation League to identify hate symbols and hate speech used within the app.

It also urged users to “block and report” people who use hate speech.

This week’s Torah reading combines two portions: Tazria and Metzora.

In Tazria we read about a woman who gives birth and the subsequent bris for a boy.

She said the experience was horrifying, but also eye-opening.

“So, immediately for us it wasn’t, you know, ‘Woe is us,’” el-Effendi said.

“They were not very into the female-empowerment, feminist-dating app idea," said Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Bumble’s head of brand.

"And they trolled us for about 48 hours.” El-Effendi said some staff members got harassing emails and messages from a hate group that organizes online.

What can we do as a company and a team to be active in creating a solution to problems like these? A woman was killed after a white supremacist allegedly rammed his car into counterprotesters.

While parents have the enormous power of creating offspring, so to do we all wield great power through our use of speech.

We have the power to create worlds and the power to destroy worlds with our words. ” We learned that Sarah and Avraham “created souls in Haran” through their use of speech and by imparting the compelling words of Torah to the pagans of their time.

The two Torah portions are also connected in that both childbirth (Tazria) and the state of leprosy (metzora) bring about a state of Tumah.

Tumah is engendered at childbirth due to the loss of kedusha as Hashem departs after providing the newborn with its soul.

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