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The general slope and drainage pattern is toward the south and southwest, though an almost imperceptible groundswell in the northeast forms a watershed between the St. The Wabash, the Ohio, and the east and west forks of the White River form part of the Mississippi basin. Joseph River meanders into Lake Michigan, while in the east the Maumee flows northeastward into Lake Erie.The northern half of the state is dotted with many small glacial lakes, including several of the state’s largest.

Pollution of both air and water has been particularly severe near the industrial areas along the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

Although Indiana is historically part of the North, many parts of the state display a character that is much like that of the South.

This is largely a reflection of the early settlement of the region by migrants from the South, who brought with them a hearty distrust of the federal government.

Indiana is home to many sorts of animals commonly found in the eastern United States.

Aside from white-tailed deer, the population of which has been revived largely as a result of government conservation efforts, smaller mammals such as opossums, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, moles, shrews, and bats are abundant throughout the state.

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Thus, Indiana’s population is to some extent black and Hispanic in the urban north and mostly white in the less industrialized south.

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